Training Cards - Memory Game "Shapes"

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Atsiprašome, prekės šiuo metu neturime

Let your mind explore different shapes by playing with educational cards! These cards help with the development of memory, attention, creativity.

Learn the names of the shapes, find matching cards in the deck, play memory games – endless possibilities to have fun on the go! 🙂

20 cards included with a soft bag to keep them in one place. Also, together with the cards, reusable stickers are included to make any surface more playful!

Memory game is suitable for all ages.

Made in Lithuania, with love!

Attention! Children of age 0 – 3 years old should play with cards under adult supervision. Game includes small particles that a child might swallow.

Pair with
Turtle neck
29,40 42,00
Knit sweater
34,30 49,00
Kids's leisure pants, warm
24,50 35,00
Simple sweatshirt, warm
24,50 - 27,30
Simple jumper for teens, warm
32,20 46,00
Simple jumper for teens, thin material
32,20 46,00
Teens pants "BIG", warm
34,30 49,00
KIDS pants "BIG", warm
27,30 - 31,50
Teens pants "BIG", thin material
34,30 49,00
KIDS pants "BIG", thin material
27,30 - 31,50
Kids jumper "Eden", warm
34,30 49,00
Kids jumper "Eden", thin material
34,30 49,00