We are

Happeak – a brand which upholds family values and creates sustainable and comfortable, free fit clothes. Our story started more than 10 years ago, from love and wish to build a family. What is our family? – everything and all! We are growing ourselves and others, improving and changing, some family members we let go, others we let in. Happeak is not just “he” or “she”, Happeak is much more than “us”!

Our clothes – are pleasant to touch, comfortable to hug. In our production we use only the highest standard materials so we can assure the quality of our products. We like to experiment as well, but we also take responsibility if the experiment goes wrong 🙂

For all family

To small ones and to big ones – for everybody! We say YES to a responsible consumption, Happeak tries to create designs which would grow together with you. We see how our clothes go from generation to generation and we adore seeing the transformation of an old one becoming a new one. When pants transform into shorts, or an old outgrown hat fits perfectly for a younger sister or brother – we know then that we are on a right path.

Versatility – another feature of Happeak. We don’t restrict ourselves with age, gender or strict clothing layout. We create that one item would be loved by every member of the family. One jumper for all – mom, dad and even kids. Why not?! LESS IS MORE!

Don’t forget customization. You have a wide imagination? Wonderful! Our shelves are perfect for you – here you will find many ways how to set it free. Here scarfs become vests or work as a beach blanket, shirts become dresses and hoodies change coats.

more than clothes

high quality eco-friendly fabrics

clothes for every member of the family

made with love in Lithuania

pleasant to touch, happy to hug

pleasant to touch, happy to hug