Created by family for families

Happeak isn’t just about clothes, it’s not just things created somehow and somewhere, these things aren’t just made and sold somewhere by someone. Everything is designed and manufactured by our family and our team. Every fabric, thread, detail is collected by our hands, every product is drawn by our team members, our family members, every product is constructed, measured, tested, redesigned ‘n’ times by our FAMILY. Every product is sewn by our employees, our tailors, every fabric is cut, dimensioned, sewn, folded, assembled, hooked by OUR team, which we also consider our FAMILY. Each colour is collected for hours upon hours, and every comment or suggestion you make you can see in our creations. And everything is for other families.

We value every member of the family and the work they put in. We are socially responsible, both against employees and in every way we can to contribute to those we can help in one way or another. Because we care. We are humans, not robots.

Yes we do not have working hours, or even weekends. We do not have the opportunity to pass it on to others when we have a problem, because we are responsible for everything and even if we or our partners make mistakes or pandemia comes – the responsibility is just ours. We are always trying to make everyone happy, no matter what.

Without you, we couldn’t be. So you are very important and necessary for our family. Thank you to everyone for helping us to grow.

Happeak FAMILY,
with love